How To Level Up Fast In Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, your goal is to level up, improve your skills, and gather fruits. We can’t give you a cheat code in this Quest-to-Quest game, but we can show you the quickest path.

Our guide to leveling up will tell you which challenges to avoid, what abilities to build, and which items to acquire. Discover the answer by reading on!

Leveling Up From 0 to 700

It would be great if you could acquire a few Logia Fruits before beginning your quest. If your opponent does not use any enhancements, you can absorb any damage they deal from lower-level opponents. In addition, make sure that you set spawns on every island as you proceed. If you die, you won’t spawn too far from your mission if you die.

In order to achieve higher levels, you will have to hop from island to island. The challenges on each island are different. To pass them easily, you must have a level that’s higher than the next quest you’ll face before moving to the next island. There is no effect on bosses from the Logia Fruits. The quests will be unique, and some will have unique powers.

In order to reach 700, you will need to pass each challenge in the following order:

  • Go over to the Marine Leader as soon as you start, for example, if you’re a Marine. Low-level opponents will be fighting you. Do this until you reach level 15.
  • Jungle Island is level 15.
  • In Level 35, the final boss cannot be defeated with swords, fruit, or combat.
  • A desert island awaits you at levels 60 – 65.
  • Until you reach level 105, you cannot fight the Yeti boss on Snow Island.
  • Go beneath the mountain to meet the Ability Teacher after defeating him. You will benefit from Skyjump, Flashstep, and damage enhancement if you purchase them from him.
  • The Marine Fortress has a special quest at level 120.
  • Grey Beard appears every 5-6 hours on the island, but don’t fight him until you are much stronger.
  • Here’s where your Skyjumps will come in handy: Level 150: Sky Islands.
  • At level 200, there are no spawn points on Prison Island. To reach the three rock islands on the left, you’ll need to take your boat. That’s where it can be set.
  • Skip the Toga Warrior quest at level 279: Colosseum Island.
  • At level 300, you will reach Volcano Island.
  • Visit the three small islands near Prison Island on Level 381. You should land in the Underwater City if you enter the portal between them.
  • Take all the quests offered by a man called “Mole” on Level 458: Sky Islands.
  • Level 535: Sky Islands, find the Gan Fall Adventurer in the big trees. Complete all of his quests.
  • In Fountain City, keep destroying the final boss called “Cyborg” until you reach level 700.

As soon as you reach level 700, you can enter the new world, where new adventures await you. These quests should give you a better understanding of how the game works and prepare you for the new world. Continue in the same manner once there. Make your way to the top by exploring, learning new things, and conquering new enemies!

How to Level Up Haki Fast in Blox Fruits

By increasing your Haki, you will be able to deal more damage and defend yourself better. You can increase your Haki in multiple ways, but be patient. The process will take some time.

Ensure you have increased your hit points and level before beginning the process. There are three main ways to do this:

  1. Take hits from lower-level opponents. You don’t need to do anything – it’s fairly simple. The only thing to watch out for is not to get killed! Your Haki will increase over time, but it will take some time.

  2. In addition, you can continue to use your fighting style. You can keep increasing it by thrusting your sword through your opponents.

  3. Using your Haki continuously while playing is the third way.

We have tried and tested all three methods! Don’t let the fact that there is no magic button deter you from becoming the best. Don’t give up!

How to Level Up Mastery Fast in Blox Fruits

As you beat up multiple opponents simultaneously, your mastery level increases. Look for islands where there are multiple opponents who are mostly of a lower level than you. In your inventory, you will need a long-range weapon and an aerial attack move.

The way it works is to go to the specific island and provoke multiple opponents to chase you with a long-range weapon. Make sure you have enough room to escape. As soon as you get all of them together, launch an aerial attack on them.

Take them out a few times if you don’t take them out right away. You get huge bonuses when you take them out together! To allow time for new enemies to spawn, find a few places on the map where you can do that.

Be the King of Blox Fruits

We hope our comprehensive study adds some value to your game. You can use the Tips and Tricks we have gathered to create your Hero and become the best.

Don’t forget to follow our guide step by step and be patient. As you level up, you’ll be able to accept more quests in the new world, and you’ll be able to meet new opponents as well. Keep an eye out for hidden gems and challenges as well.

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