How to Track Someone’s Location with a Phone Number

If you’re a concerned parent concerned about your children and their location on a daily basis, or a business owner who needs to monitor employees’ travel routes as well as timesheets, or have lost or misplaced your phone, having the ability to locate a phone’s exact location is crucial.

We’re concerned parents ourselves. So we have tried a variety of ways to trace our children’ locations. Through this process, we tried the top spy apps, IMEI tracking, CNAM lookup, location tracking with GMaps, and other ways to locate a phone’s location.

Which of these strategies assist?

Can you Track Someone Location by Their Phone Number?

Yes! Spy applications and tracking phone servicesmade the process of locating someone’s phone number a possibility and simple. And, not only that but with the advancements in GPS and phone technology it is possible to examine the track history of your cell phone and receive instant location alerts.

Spyware and Legal Notice For tracking the location of a mobile phone with spyware, you have to install a hidden spyware application on the phone of the target without their knowledge. The installation of spyware in this manner is not legal in a lot of countries. We do not advise anyone to engage in any ILLEGAL practice. Therefore, ensure that you’re legal to use the spy software that are listed here in your nation.

There are a lot of spy applications and number lookout services are available on the market, however they’re not all trustworthy. We’ve listed a few of the most reliable apps below, to assist you select an app or website that is reliable to track a person’s position.

Method 1: Use Mspy To Track Phone Location – Visit Site

If you’re in search of an app to monitor your child’s current location, or to track the list of places they’ve visited recently, Mspy is an ideal choice. is a highly rated application to track your child’s phone whereabouts, boasting more than 3500 5-star ratings for the app on Trustpilot along with Sitejabber.

With 10 years of experience in the business and 1.5 million users the smartphone GPS location tracking app gives exact results and is secure to use.

Although customer support appears to be great, there have been reports that the app is not functioning correctly. This could be a phone compatibility issue. Making sure that it is compatible prior to making use of it is essential.

All in all, MSpy is a great option for parents who wish to monitor their children’s mobile devices. With a free 7-day trial, you’ll be able to test the program before committing to a monthly subscription.

To access All you have to do is

  1. Go to Mspy .
  2. Enter your email address to create an account.
  3. Enter the ID of the individual you wish to follow.
  4. Track their location in real-time.

Note: This is a brief overview of the ways to utilize MSpy. It is a simple application for tracking locations and location tracking, we have written a comprehensive step-by-step instruction below following the steps.

Method 2: Use Eyezy – Visit Site

Eyezy is a reliable phone monitoring application that can track your child’s location. Similar to MSpy it can assist you find a person who has software installed on their phone you want to trace.

In addition to having global coverage The service is made to run on nearly the entire Android as well as iPhone operating systems So you don’t need to know the model of the phone that you wish to target.

Eyezy will also assist you to keep track of your child’s social media activities across every platform and monitor the messages that are received and sent. Eyezy also offers Family Kids plans that allow up to three kids to be tracked.

To make use of Eyeze the only thing you have to do is to:

  1. Visit Eyeze’s website. Eyeze’s website .
  2. Use your email address to sign up for an account.
  3. Enter the telephone name of the contact you would like to follow.
  4. Check their current location.

Method 3: Use Spyera

Spyera is a different parents’ control application that comes with a variety of options, including recordings of Skype or Messenger calls and listening to sounds that surround on the handset, blocking adult-oriented content, and tracking in real-time of any tablet or smartphone place.

The app is discreetly installed on the phone of your target and comes with one of the top GPS tracking devices. Monthly subscriptions start at $49-$479 depending on the type and amount of devices you wish to monitor.

In terms of reviews from users, Spyera is nowhere close to Mspy with regards to the amount of users, or 5-star ratings.

Here is how to use SPYERA:

  1. Visit the official site of SPYERA and buy an app licence.
  2. Install the app on the smartphone of your target.
  3. Log into Your SPYERA Web Panel and begin monitoring.

Method 4: Use Truthfinder Find Adresss With Name – Visit Site

If you’re looking to enter a phone number and get a address online for free , then a excellent reverse phone look-up tool is the ideal solution. They can assist you in locating the location of your old friend, as well as determining whom you called as well as locating their address.

Truthfinder is among the most popular and highly regarded people search services in the U.S. It provides a wide array of tools that allow users to identify individuals, as well as their social media profiles and criminal record.

To make use of Truthfinder All you have to do is

  1. Visit the Truthfinder website .
  2. Enter your email address to create an account.
  3. Enter the mobile # of the user you would like to follow.
  4. Locate their address.

Note that this method will find a person’s position through a telephone number. If you’re interested in tracking the location of a person by using a number, one of the spy softwares is the best choice.

Method 5: Search via Whitepages

Whitepages is another excellent reverse phone lookup tool similar to TruthFinder. Simply enter a phone number in Whitepages and you’ll receive the address for your home for that particular number.

This is an entirely legal method to find the location of an individual. Whitepages operates on an SS7 system, and holds personal information linked to phone numbers stored in its database.

Method 6: Using an IMEI Tracker

IMEI is a different old-fashioned solution to the problem what is the best way to track an individual’s phone number?

Every phone is assigned an unique 15-digit number known as the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) that is used to track the location of stolen or lost cell phones. Therefore, this is the next method to locate the your location using the phone number.

Here’s how to locate the phone’s IMEI

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on General>About.
  3. Scroll down to locate your IMEI number (there might be more steps for certain models).

Alternately, dial *#06# using the phone.

Once you’ve got the IMEI number and you have it, you can either hand the number an operator in order to can track the location of your cell phone using the number or you can make it your own by downloading a variety of well-known IMEI tracking applications.

Method 7: Caller ID Name (CNAM) Lookup

Another simple solution to our query of how to trace the number of a caller is the CNAM lookup. This tool allows you to find the location of the caller and gives details on the name of the person city, state, and even the state.

It is necessary to pay a fee to access it, and it will not work if your contact is using an CNAM blocker within their cell phone.

Method 8: Tracking Location With Google Maps

Google Maps is more than simply a navigation tool. It is a highly advanced GPS technology, it’s able to find a phone with great accuracy.

But, those who are being tracked must turn on sharing of their location and allow access to GMaps.

This is the method we recommend for tracking the location of phone numbers without cost.

You’re done. We have listed the strategies we evaluated to determine the most effective method to track your child’s location using the help of a number.

What did we find?

Which is the Best Method to Track Someone’s Location With a Phone Number?

Without second thought We recommend using spy apps to track your location which are accurate to a tiniest degree, specifically in the event that you need to know your child’s position using their mobile phone.

Spy software, along with other options, are simple to setup and use as well as use. You don’t need to be a genius in tech or a hacker to make use of these apps.

Which Spy App is the Easiest to Track Someone’s Location

There are over 10 spy applications that have been classified as excellent in general. As we have mentioned in the previous methods We pick the top three for tracking location.

Top Apps to Track Someone’s Cell Phone Location By Their Number

All three models have the most vital location tracking features, ranging starting with basic GPS monitoring to Geofencing.

Here’s the comparison side-by-side of the most important functions for location tracking in the three apps.

Comparison of Spy Apps For Location Tracking

Simple setupIt’s as simple as MSpy to set upIt’s almost as simple as MSpy
Accurate GPS location toolHigh-end GPS tracker system with advanced GPS technology and Wifi-based tracking and pinpointingIt tracks GPS position in real-time.
The list of routes and history is a source for information about the locationLocation pins and tracks the history of locationsThe collection includes location history
Real-time location alertsReal-time trackingProvides time of location
Geo-Fencing is now available.Magic Alerts can be used to create virtual Geofences.It is possible to be set up to send GeoFencing alerts on maps that are virtual.
Worked in stealth modeHide the icon of the app100% undetectable.
9.99/mo after an additional 40% discount (When purchased annually)$9.99/mo when you buy for a full year.$89/month, $29.9/mo when bought annually

A common feature in all of applications is the method of establishing. You’ll require physical access to your device you want to use to download these apps.

Why we suggest MSpy to track your phone?

As we have mentioned previously, location tracking features-wise the three applications have all of them. We are however more inclined to recommend MSpy due to these two aspects:

  1. The implementation of location tracking services on a large scale
  2. The accuracy of coordinates for location and the real-time nature of tracking.

Beyond execution and speed in addition, there’s some difference in price. From a price point of perspective we prefer Eyezy.

We are recommending mSpy because of its capabilities we created a detailed guide on setting up mobile phone tracking with MSpy.

How to track the Location of a Phone Number using MSpy Step-by-Step Procedure.

Step1 – Sign Up, Buy A Package

It’s pretty simple to sign up. All you require is an email address. Once you have registered you can select the device you’d like to track and then select any of the plans you wish to purchase.

After purchasing an item from the list, look for MSpy control panel information inside your mail. This is the control panel where you will see the device’s data on location.

To enable this it is necessary to get and run the MSpy Apk.

Step2 – Download MSpy App On The Target Phone

Before installing and downloading the MSpy application, turn off the protection of the Play Store on the device that you intend to install it on. After that, navigate to on the device and download the MSpy app.

Step3 – Install MSpy on the Target Phone

To use on Android phones, obtain Your Registration Code to download the app using your account at


Once you have the code, it is straightforward by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 4 – Monitor the Location Of The Target Person

You can keep track of all places the person has visited and also the current location information of the phone in the GPS Location option. You can view the location’s address as well as the time and date, as well as an option for Google Maps of the location.

How Much Does MSpy Cost?

In the aftermath of the trial is over, subscriptions are offered for

  • 1 Month – $35/mo,
  • 3 Months – $19.99/mo, and
  • 12 Months – $9.99/mo.
  • All prices include a discount of 40.

If you are looking at prices, Eyezy is our recommendation for a low-cost and reliable spyware application that can track the location of a person’s phone.

Bottom Line

While it’s not impossible to determine a person’s location using their phone number by itself and all of the methods that we’ve described in this article will do the job, you must look into the most appropriate to figure out the best one that meets your requirements.


How do you track someone’s location without them knowing?

The most fundamental prerequisite for apps that spy on you to accurately track mobile phones is the installation of software on device of the target. But, the majority of these apps are not visible on the devices of the target. Therefore, if you are able to install these apps with out the knowledge of the phone owner, you could monitor their location without even.

Note: Installing spyware on a phone without the knowledge of the user is a crime.

How do you locate a cell phone without installing any software on the phone you want to track?

In contrast to the spy applications listed on this page, Scannero, lets you monitor mobile phones without requiring any installation on the device you want to track.

Also Scannero is a great solution for those looking for answers to the following question: Can I locate a cell phone using only an address

Are people able to follow you without your consent?

Yes! In fact, they could track you by using spyware to track your devices, without your knowing it. If you’re an adult, it’s illegal for others to track you using spyware.

Do you have to talk to a mobile network provider in order to locate someone?

Back in the days the phone location tracking process was a tangled procedure. It required police complaints along with permissions and processing from the mobile network provider. You can now find someone’s phone number. You can make use of one of the methods listed below: spy apps and phone tracking applications, IMEI number, Google Maps, and reverse phone lookup services.

How can you track cell phone location without cost

The most cost-effective way to do this is to track your location using Google Maps. There are also several free mobile phone trackers that will assist you in tracking the location of cell phones at no cost. But, as famous online quotes say, “Nothing is free online” These apps could not be truly free. They could be trading your information for their own use. Most important, the majority of free phone tracker apps for spying are not reliable.

How can you locate the location of someone’s telephone number on the internet?

To locate the phone number of a number on the internet you can type the number on websites such as and locate the exact location of the individual. It is also possible to use reverse phone lookups such as Truthfinder for locate places in which a person lived at some point in time.

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