What Is Digital Process Automation, and How Does It Operate?

Digital Process Automation

What is Digital Process Automation? Digital process automation is the practice of automating tasks in the field. It uses software and hardware to automate tasks that were previously done manually. These tasks may include data entry, document storage, communications and workflow management. Software is used to create rules that cause automated processes to run, while … Read more

What Is Slow Mode In Discord

What Is Slow Mode In Discord

In a chat channel, sometimes you want to slow things down. Whenever the amount of text on the screen hurts your eyes and gives you a headache, Slow Mode may be the solution. Dropping the “Slow Hammer” is even more important when the conversation turns into a rant. You can chill out your Discord text … Read more

How To Create Tags In Discord

How To Create Tags In Discord

Discord users identify themselves not only by their usernames but also by their tags. Often, people consider tags to be part of their identity and can grow attached to them over time. You can create memorable tags on Discord either randomly or by using the Discord Nitro perk. What Are Discord Tags? Discord tags are … Read more

Indonesia-based BukuKas secures $10m in its Series A to increase user acquisition

According to reports, Indonesia-based cloud accounting platform BukuKas has raised $10m for its Series A funding round to support its user acquisition strategy. A report from TechCrunch reports that Sequoia Capital India served as the lead investor in the company, and that Saison Capital, January Capital, Founderbank Capital, Cambium Grove, and Endeavor Catalyst also participated … Read more

How To Delete Your VSCO Account?

How To Delete Your VSCO Account

As a niche app for photographers, VSCO is short for “Visual Supply Company”. VSCO is a great app with a strong community, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Its inclination towards artistry and contemporary photography makes it unsuitable for more casual users. Although the membership fee is reasonable at $19.99 a year, having a professional … Read more