Goldman Sachs backs French marketplace lender Younited Credit in $170m funding

As part of its efforts to scale its data-driven credit offering, French startup Younited Credit is raising $170 million in a funding round led by Goldman Sachs. 

In addition to Eurazeo and BPFrance, AG2R La Mondiale was also a participant in the round.

It is estimated that over the next 18 months the company will be adding another 200 employees and doubling down on its European market share. The firm currently has 440 employees.

This SaaS platform, based on the data available from open banking, enables Younited to make lending decisions using data from open banking. This simplifies the credit process for consumers and businesses.

In addition to embedding credit products on popular e-commerce sites and apps on the checkout page, Younited Credit plans to explore the possibility of embedded finance. As a result, the company will run into stiff competition with companies providing ‘buy now, pay later’ services, such as Klarna, Floa, Oney, Scalapay, etc.

Known as Younited Pay, the company plans to offer a wide range of payment options over a period of time of between three months and four months. It is already being used by some companies, such as Free, Micromania and LDLC, who already use Younited Pay.

Younited Credit’s approach to lending is data-driven and AI-based, which differentiates it from legacy lenders. As much as possible, Younited Credit strives to automate the application process as much as possible. This is in order to reduce the amount of documents that are sent to your bank.

By leveraging the DSP2 regulations and open banking APIs, the company is able to ingest data in a very efficient manner. With the startup’s capability to facilitate a large volume of credit offerings, it has been able to leverage past data in machine learning models. This has allowed it to assess risk in the future.

There have been more than €2.4bn of credit granted so far by Younited Credit. Currently, it operates in five countries across Europe. As a matter of fact, even though France is still Younited Credit’s largest market, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and even Germany account for 40% of the company’s revenue.

In recent years, the company started embedding its product into products that were developed by third parties. It is as a result of partnerships with Younited Credit that banks and FinTech companies are now offering credit products in their apps. N26, Lydia, Orange Bank, Fortuneo are just a few examples of such companies. It is estimated that Younited Credit’s net banking income in 2021 will be 30% derived from the B2B offering.

Younited CEO Charles Egly, who is also the company’s chairman, commented on the round of funding by saying that, “Within nine years, Younited has transformed the credit and payment landscape by investing in huge amounts of technology, and has changed the rulesthe game.”.””. As a key driver of economic and consumer revival, credit must be structured in such a way that it avoids risks associated with excess debt while remaining fair and ethical.”

The leading financial services provider in France, Younited Credit has raised a $170m funding round led by Goldman Sachs to scale its data-driven credit offering.

They’re hiring 400 more people over the next year and doubling down on Europe.

A company founded in 2009 to simplify the credit process for consumers and businesses. Younited operates a cloud-only SaaS platform that uses data from open banking to make lending decisions.

Younited Credit also plans to investigate embedded finance with products that appear on checkout pages of popular e-commerce websites and apps.

The company will compete with other ‘buy now, pay later’ companies, such as Klarna, Floa, Oney, Scalapay, etc.

Named United States Post Office, the post office plans to offer a wide range of options with payment terms spread over 3 to 48 months.

Some companies are already using YounitedPay, such as Free, Micromania and LDLC.


Youngu, Credit and other financial service firms are taking a data-driven approach to consumer banking that gives customers more control over their finances, and their companies more visibility into their consumers’ financial activities.

If you’re looking for a credit card with no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees and no interest on balance transfers, Younited Credit is the best card for you.

The company uses DSP2 as a mechanism to ingest data, leveraging open banking APIs to do so.

Because the startup has enabled the large volume of credit offerings, it also has the capability to leverage past data for risk models.

Currently, Younited Credit has granted more than €2.4 billion in credit.

It’s still the leading credit card in France, but that doesn’t mean it can’t grow in other markets.

After starting a number of online companies, Amazon decided to embed its product in third-party products.

Examples include banks and FinTech companies offering credit products such as credit cards, credit lines, loans, and cash advances in their apps after partnering with Younited Credit.

Examples include N26, Lydia, Orange Bank and Fortuneo. In 2021, the B2B offering represented 30% of Younited Credit’s net banking income.

When we started work in 2005 we said that by 2012 we would start offering cash back to all users and we have done so. We are now at 90 percent of users that are on cash back and our aim is to be 95 percent by 2017.

“Structured to avoid risk from over-leveraging, while remaining fair and ethical, credit is the key driver of economic and consumer revival.

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